Container for growing rice koji

Fresh rice koji, just after completion. This batch is going to go into white miso.

The vessel in the photo is my current favorite for koji growing, it is a repurposed rice tub for sushi. 5 go size, about 38 cm (15 inches) in diameter. 1.5 kg (a little more than 3 lbs) is the easiest amount of rice to grow in this tub. 2 kg is pushing it. It tends to overheat if I put in too much.

I have used pretty much anything and everything from plastic trays to cast iron pots to stainless bowls as koji growing containers. I have found that as long as I know what to aim for, I can grow koji in it. But this tub works the best for me. It is true that wooden vessels help control the moisture and prevent both condensation and dryness.

I have a growing appreciation for tradition since I have started making miso. All the little traditional ways have meaning. Someone in the past have made all the mistakes and have done all the experiments. I tend to still want to verify by myself, being the skeptic I am, but learning from the past is the quickest way to success.


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