Brown rice porridge with Korean chile miso

Miso is wonderful with brown rice. The flavors stand up nicely to the chicken, also.

In this tummy-warming preparation for a cold morning, I have served the miso on top and not swirled into the pot. I don’t want to heat it too much. My miso is alive. Excessive heat will not only kill the flavors but kill the life in the miso. I don’t know what  will survive the stomach acid and reach our gut, but I’d like to keep the likelihood of getting live probiotics in my system as high as possible.


Recipe? This was put together from last night’s leftovers, but let me try..

Chicken Brown Rice Porridge with Miso
(Serves 4)

1 cup cooked plain brown rice
4 cups water or maybe more
1 leftover chicken leg, with skin and bone
1 teaspoon salt

Miso, chopped green onions, sesame oil and roasted sesame to serve.

Put everything besides toppings in a slow cooker and heat on low for 4 hours, or until the water and rice have melded nicely and the chicken is falling off the bone. After it is done, the porridge can be kept at “keep warm” easily for another half day. If using a regular pot, heat on low, mostly covered, taking care to not burn the bottom, adding water now and then if necessary. The stovetop method should only take about 20 minutes.

Debone chicken and shred the skin and meat. Put back in pot.

Serve in bowls with desired toppings and some miso.

The miso in the photo is my Korean red pepper miso at 3 months maturation, but any kind will be excellent. I like to add a small drizzle of roasted sesame oil and chopped green onions, and maybe a sprinkle of roasted sesame (not in photo.)

Many other topping combinations work, so please experiment. Chopped olives and a good handful of Mediterranean herbs might be great with white miso.


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