Steaming rice in Chinese steamer baskets

Koji making.

Steaming rice correctly is crucial. No amount of temperature control will save a batch that wasn’t steamed properly. On the other hand, once you get this part right, everything flows well.

The photo is my setup. I steam 3 kgs (a little more than 6 lbs) of rice in stacked Chinese steamer baskets. I have 4 baskets and a lid on top. The bottom one is empty to avoid splashing. That makes it 3 layers of 1 kg each.

The metal thing you see between the pot of water and the baskets is a little ring-shaped device to make it easier for the pot and the steamer baskets to be correctly aligned, and also for the baskets to not sit directly on a very hot pot. It would damage the baskets faster if there was direct contact.

What I like about the Chinese steamer basket is that they are inexpensive, widely available, and most importantly, allows for a good exposure of the rice to the steam. I want the rice to be steamed evenly. I don’t want soggy parts and dry parts. The layered design makes it harder for disasters to happen.

There are many possible setups for doing this. Hope you find something that works for you in your kitchen.



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