About Mieko

Mieko and Klon 5-18-18s.jpg

Mieko grew up mostly in Japan, and has been cooking since age 5. Fermentation using koji and miso is her current passion in the kitchen. She started miso making as a way to water her food roots, and for good health. She loves it so much she doesn’t think she will ever stop.

She lives in Berkeley, California and enjoys the mild weather in the San Francisco Bay Area to make miso year round. Her husband, mother-in-law and a large white dog enjoys the eating part.


One more thing. I think you can tell, but English is not my stronger language. I can’t have my posts carefully edited by someone every time I want to say something, so please forgive my occasional strange turn of phrase and grammar. If there’s anything that’s unclear, please tell me! I’ll try to say the same thing differently.