Miso Classes

Class/Workshop/Tasting events that I offer at my home in South Berkeley. Please contact with your phone number, so that we can talk!

Miso Making/Eating for Beginners

This is the most popular option. In this 3 hour tasting/making class, we will explore the taste of different varieties of miso, then learn how to make some at home, using the tools you probably already have in the kitchen. Then enjoy a light meal, while learning all sorts of ways to use miso in your own kitchen. You will go home inspired and ready to have fun, with about 2 pounds of miso to mature yourself in a glass jar.  (Max 5 people.)

Miso Tasting/Cooking for Beginners

Miso can be used as a marinade, flavor stir-fry dishes, make a luscious sauce… It is the most useful paste anyone can have in the kitchen. In this 3 hour tasting/cooking class, we will try a variety of miso to understand what is available, demystify miso soup, and learn many tasty uses for miso. Come hungry and ready to learn! (Max 10 people.)

Creative Miso Making/Eating

This one is for repeaters. Can miso be made with anything other than the traditional building blocks or soybeans, rice koji and salt? How to go beyond the basic varieties of miso with confidence? Taste the miso fermenting in many experimental jars in my kitchen. Learn the range of proportions and maturation periods. Enjoy a light meal while inspired ideas bubble up in your mind. Go home with a jar of your own creative miso to mature at home! (Max 5 people)