Why make miso?

Miso sampler. Generally speaking, lighter color = milder.


Why make miso?

Soooooo many reasons!

The best miso is made, not bought. That’s the simple truth. It’s difficult to buy good miso in supermarkets. Supermarket miso is, generally speaking, treated to be shelf stable. That weakens the wonderful, live food quality that good miso has. This is basically true even in Japan. We have to seek out traditionally made live miso, or make our own.

But the great thing is, miso making is easy! There are some rules to follow, of course, but whether you are trying to make traditional miso or going for something creative, it’s easy. Only 3 ingredients, and time. How complicated can it be?

Until just a generation or so ago, every household in Japan made its own miso. Well maybe not so much in the big cities, but it was true elsewhere. Miso is designed to be made by amateurs at home, was not something to be bought, and people knew in their gut that homemade was the best.

Gut? Yes, your gut knows. Miso is powerfully probiotic. In my experience, more so than yogurt. When you have a better balanced gut flora, life is better. To know that health and happiness come from the gut, you don’t need to read up on all the latest research. You will feel the difference. Many of my friends do.

Oh and the taste! I should have mentioned this first! You wouldn’t believe the big, complex flavors that come from these simple ingredients. Real live miso sings in your mouth. Once you make your own, you won’t go back.

My friends are asking for more miso every time I see them. I am teaching partly because I can’t keep up with the demand.

I will never, ever, stop growing koji and making miso. It’s too much fun.

Every family should have at least one person pick up miso making as a hobby. It’s a wonderful thing to do.

I may sound overly enthusiastic, but this really is how I feel about miso making.

Thanks for reading!